Scott Rush’s agony – from The Catholic Leader Online

CONVICTED Bali Nine drug trafficker Scott Rush’s death-row agony persists with mixed messages relating to his likely fate continuing to emerge from Indonesia as he enters his fifth year of captivity.

Fr Tim Harris, of Scott’s former parish at Corinda-Graceville in Brisbane, said reports from Jakarta carried both hope and danger for Scott and others on death row.

For a second year, a prayer vigil will be held on Good Friday (April 10) at Christ the King Church, Graceville, to offer prayers for 23-year-old Scott and all those on death row around the world.

Scott’s parents Lee and Christine have indicated they expect to attend the vigil, and Lee Rush is expected to speak on his son’s dire predicament.

Fr Harris said he could not express “strongly enough” how crucial 2009 would be for Scott.

“It will be a make-or-break year because it’s when Scott’s final appeal will be made,” he said. “The legal team are, as we speak, working on the appeal.

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  1. I was reading in last sundays Sunday Mail about “Welcome to Hell” and feel like I should comment on what I read in the paper. Is it not a Fact that our Governments Policy is this, A person will not be sent back to a country that the likelyhood of the Death Penalty exists. If this is so, then how is it that the Australian Federal Police !were able to wait untill they left Australia and , after being asked by Scott’s father Lee, to stop Scott from boarding the plane and then passing on all the imformation to the Bali Police so as to arrest them over there, so therefore to me,the AFP were in fact exposing the 9 to the inevitable Death Penalty, which to our Law is supposed to be what the Government won’t do to people from other countries but it appears not Australians overseas so what are they doing about our citizens?? To me the AFP and the Government have a lot to answer for, and the Police Officer who made the call has only to answer to God which is also INEVITABLE.

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