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JWMF Zainab Mahboob event 24 June 2019

Persepolis Film Fundraiser – August 24th 2008

Light A Candle For Those On Death Row – 14th December 2007

World Anti-Death Penalty Day Forum October 9th 2007

Interfaith Forum – 22nd August 2007

Politicians Forum – 7th June 2007

Justice Must Not Kill – April 19th 2007


  1. Dear PM Mr Rudd I pray to blessed Mother Mary Mckellop for a mirale for the life of Scott Rush on death row in Bali. I feel so sad for him and his family, it makes me cry when ever i see him on the media.He is so young and terrified in this bali jail every day.All I can do for him is pray that you can help bring him back to Australia to serve his time. Mr Rudd you are the best thing that has happened to Australia in a long time.You are a compassionate man , as the world seen On Sorry Day.Many countries respect what you have done in this short time you have been our leader. Please can you help this boy

  2. Dear Mr Rudd, The death penalty needs to be stopped.No one has the right to take anothers life, regardless of what they have done. Please do what you can do bring Scott Rush home and all the others living under such horrific conditions in foreign prisons. We all make mistakes and deserve second chances. Sure they did the wrong thing and need to be punished, they made bad choices and mistakes, they are only young, but they do not deserve to be treated so inhumanely.It distresses me greatly to think of anyone being executed.

  3. The Honourable Kevin Rudd,
    Dear Sir, Im asking you, as a matter of urgency, that you intervene now regarding the matter of Scott Rush, a young Australian incarcerated in Bali and awaiting execution via the firing squad if the appeals process is unsuccessful. He has all but exhausted his appeals.
    Mr Rudd he is a very young man, from a loving and caring family, who made a terrible mistake, completely unaware of the total scope of what he was getting involved in. He is an Australian citizen, a young man who needs to come home to Australia and complete his punishment here, away from the threat of the firing squad. We can’t allow this young mans life to be taken from him in such a barbaric and violent manner in a country far away from his home and loved ones.
    Please Mr Rudd don’t allow this to happen.
    Regards. B.Stevens

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