What our politicians are saying about the Death Penalty (videos)

On the 7th of June this year, Australians Against Capital Punishment held a forum at Brisbane’s Riverside Centre to ask representatives from our political parties to give their views on the death penalty.

Senator Andrew Bartlett from the Democrats, Senator Barnaby Joyce from the Nationals, Senator Joe Ludwig from the Labor Party and Larissa Waters, the lead senate candidate for the Greens all gave their time to address the forum.

Despite repeated attempts, the Liberal Party provided no representative.

We had some problems with the PA system on the night – our apologies to the speakers for this.  Only half of Senator Bartlett’s speech could be used because of these problems.

 Senator Andrew Bartlett from the Democrats addressing the forum.

Senator Barnaby Joyce from the Nationals.

Senator Joe Ludwig from the ALP.

Senate candidate Larissa Waters from the Greens.

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