Australian Sentenced to Death in Vietnam

An Australian man has been sentenced to death after a one day trial for drug-trafficking in Vietnam. 

From the SBS website –

Aussie man sentenced to death

An Australian man convicted of drug trafficking in Vietnam has been sentenced to death by firing squad.

Tony Manh, of New South Wales, was caught trying to smuggle almost a kilo of heroin out of the country on a plane to Sydney.

Security officers at Tan Son Nhat airport in Ho Chi Minh City stopped the 40-year-old as he tried to board a flight in March.

He was found guilty after a one-day trial at the city’s People’s Court, and ordered to pay a 40 million dong (AU $3,755) fine.

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We at Australians Against Capital Punishment, ask that you take action to see that no more lives are taken by the death penalty.  Please contact the Vietnamese embassy (details below) to respectfully make your opposition to capital punishment known, and sign the World  Coalition Against the Death Penalty’s petition to abolish the death penalty worldwide here.

Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Australia

6 Timbarra Crescent, O’Malley, ACT, 2606, Australia

Phone: 02 – 6286 6059; 62901556 Fax: 02 – 6286 4534

Email :

Website :



  1. I sent an email to the Vietnamese Embassy, I asked for them to respond to it if they wanted to. Included the AACP link with it. I stated my case clearly yet respectfully.

  2. We do not condone what Tony Manh has done he deserves to go to prision but here in Australia. Death penalty is only deserved on those who hve done a violent crime if any.
    Please send this Australian citizen home to Australia.

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