Inquiry into the AFP’s behaviour must cover the Bali Nine case

The Attorney-General has appointed former Supreme Court Justice, Mr. John Clarke QC, to inquire into various aspects of the way in which the Australian Federal Police and the Minister for Immigration, in 2007, took action against Dr. Mohamed Haneef.

Many people think that other aspects of conduct by the Australian Federal Police should also be the subject of a public inquiry, including its action in causing young Australians to be arrested for drug offences in Indonesia and be sentenced to death despite Australia being a signatory to international treaties prohibiting capital punishment.

There are many precedents for inquiries having their terms of reference expanded where significant public demand existed for such expansion. The famous Fitzgerald Inquiry in Queensland in the late 1980s is an excellent example.

You may therefore like to write to the Attorney-General, Mr. McClelland, and to Mr. Clarke requesting and suggesting that the terms of reference be expanded to allow Mr. Clarke to consider the AFP’s actions in having young Australians sentenced to death despite Australia’s international obligations for offences that would result in less than 20 years imprisonment in Australia.

The Attorney-General’s address is:
The Honourable Robert McClelland MP,The Attorney-General
Attorney-General’s Department
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

By Fax: (02) 6273 4102 

The address for Mr. Clarke’s Inquiry is:
Secretariat to the Clarke Inquiry     
Attorney-General’s Department       
Robert Garran Offices  
National Circuit
Barton  ACT  2600

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