Australians Against Capital Punishment submission to National Human Rights consultation

“Every person has, after he or she has been born,the right to life. Any loss of life attributable to agencies of the state must be fully and independently investigated. No death penalty should be carried out in this nation.”

The Statute of Liberties by Geoffrey Robertson

Australians Against Capital Punishment is a community group formed in early 2007 to advocate for a total abolition of the death penalty across the globe, and to call on our government to once again commit itself to opposing the death penalty in all cases, in all countries wholeheartedly.

Australians Against Capital Punishment believes that a Human Rights Act for Australia is a positive move towards protecting and valuing human rights in our country, and will help Australia in promoting an international culture of respect for the rights of all people.

We believe that a Human Rights Act should include, but not be limited to the following:

The Death Penalty being irreversible and unconscionable shall not be permitted in Australia.

Australia’s opposition to the Death Penalty, domestically and abroad, must be absolute.

No Australian government or government agency shall cooperate in any operation which can lead to the Death Penalty.

The Australian government is obliged to act on behalf of any Australians who are arrested or detained overseas.

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