RAVE article about Rock Against the Death Penalty (4pm Sunday August 23rd)

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Tuesday, 18 August 2009
Rabble-rousing troubadour STEVE TOWSON talks to JODY MACGREGOR about playing a benefit concert for Australians Against Capital Punishment.

JM: What should we expect from the Australians Against Capital Punishment gig?

ST: Well, from the line-up some diverse, great musicians that will be playing for a cause close to their hearts. Personally, I find the idea of capital punishment terrifying, there is a saying that goes ‘no rich man ever died on death row’. To me, capital punishment is a dangerous tool that is mainly wielded by wealthy politicians against poor people. Just look at the USA and the power of life and death that was wielded by George W. Bush when he was governor.

Read the full article here.

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  1. my love goes out to every one who is against this evil deed, my husband of 4 years has been on death row for a crime he is 100% innocent of, iam british & here in alabama, to be nearest to my husband as i can be, hes been on death row for 21 years, i have sold my home , every thing to hire an attorney, i now fear i have hired the wrong one,i cant get no one to help me raise money for legal fees, i dont want to lose my husband, he is the most caring loving man i have ever met, i hate this barbaric punishment even for the ones that are guilty, prison is no holiday camp they suffer enough just being there,the people that execute them are no better than the muders them selves , god bless you all x

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