Radio National’s profile on Myuran Sukumaran’s family

Brintha & Raji Sukumaran
While Myuran Sukumaran faces the death penalty for drug trafficking in Indonesia, his sister Brintha and mother Raji struggle to cope. They still have hope that his fate is not yet sealed.

You can listen to this story at the Radio National site here.

One comment

  1. DONT KILL HIM, people make mistakes that why they get punished by going to prision,

    yeah he might of killed or hurt alot of people if he was able to bring the drugs .. but no one deserves to die, no one, he is human and as said humans makes mistakes and they learn and i have a feeling by reading alot of articles on the net i think mayuran has learnt his lesson. give him one more chance and let him live his life.

    let him serve a shorter sentence in a sydney jail so his mum can go and see him..

    good luck mayuran

    god bless you.


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