Australian facing execution in Kabul (ABC)

The Federal Government says it will make “high level representations” as it tries to save a former Australian soldier from being executed for murder in Afghanistan.

Thirty-eight-year-old South Australian Robert William Langdon has been sentenced to die for shooting an Afghan colleague dead and then trying to blame the killing on a Taliban ambush.

At the time Langdon was working as a security contractor for US-based firm Four Horsemen International.

Langdon was originally found guilty in October last year and the verdict was upheld by the Afghan Appeals Court last week.

“The Australian Government will make high level representations to Afghan authorities to oppose the imposition of the death penalty, and vigorously support any clemency bids in this case,” a DFAT spokeswoman said this morning.

“We have been consulting closely with Mr Langdon’s lawyers and his employer about appropriate representations in this case.

“This is consistent with the Australian Government’s strong opposition to the use of the death penalty.

Full story here.

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