Vigil for Prisoners Facing Execution in Indonesia

AACP was part of a snap vigil in King George Square highlighting the fate of six prisoners facing execution in Indonesia within the next two days.  Those people are Rani Andriani, an Indonesian, Marco Archer Cardoso Moreira from Brazil, Tran Thi Bich Hanh from Vietnam, Namaona Denis from Malawi, Daniel Enemuo from Nigeria and Ang Kiem Soei, who was born in Papua.
AACP reaffirms our commitment to oppose the death penalty in all cases, in all countries and in all circumstances.

Justice does not kill


  1. Yes!!! The Death Penalty certainly serves NO purpose as the only one permitted to take a life is He who gave it and nobody else as it is both against the commandments of God and the larger part of the world and is also barbaric part of the past and I might add the distant passed in most civilized countries Australia being one. As for the little man in Canberra, all he does and worries about is the Trade and too weak to stand up for our Boys.

    1. Since the government cannot be depended on for support in this situation, perhaps the people can together act and show support.
      All Australians should stop travel to Bali for a month in protest. This will have an impact and make a united statement of support for these two men and others. The two men have changed their lives and have regretted what they have done. They are trying to make up for their past mistakes.

  2. Death by execution is wrong in humane. No person has rite to murder. Death is the duty of the universe spirit. Stop barbaric behaviour, is a life of past. I protest against execution – murder.

  3. This would not even be happening if our Federal Police did the right thing the boys would be in our jails as they were doing wrong and had to be punished but by their own countries laws and yes I do feel that every honest Australian should boycott all trips to Bali until they remove the Death penalty from their books and believe me Hurt their pocket and they might consider as Bali depends on Tourism .

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