RIP to the Eight Men Executed in Indonesia This Morning, April 29th

No thinking person can believe the world is a better or safer place today because of these killings.  AACP remains committed to campaigning for an end to the death penalty in all cases, in all circumstances and in all countries.

Our thoughts are with the families so violently bereaved this morning, and those with loved ones still facing executions.

Thanks to everyone who came to last night’s vigil in King George Square and to our speakers – Senator Claire Moore from the ALP, Kirsten Lovejoy from the Greens, Ciaron O’Reilly from the Catholic Worker, our patron Stephen Keim, the stalwart Tony Robertson, Chris Baker from the Mercy campaign, Richard Gifford from Reprieve and the others who came forward from the crowd.

We are trying to work out where we go from here, but please remember there are still thousands of people on death row across the globe, and fifty in Indonesia, including Mary Jane Veloso who was given a last-minute reprieve this morning, but whose death sentence is still active.

The petition for Mary Jane can be found here – please share it around.

Amnesty International has a Condolence page for those who want to pay their respects, here.

Senator Claire MooresplayStephen Keim

signKirsten Lovejoyhand drawnsigns  SylviavigilcrowdChris Bakerclose uplate nightlast group

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