When Death Penalty Project Started

Death Penalty Project’s pioneer, Saul Lehrfreund, speaks inspirationally about how the work of DPP started and the progress made since then and the challenges still to be overcome: https://blogs.fco.gov.uk/fcoeditorial/2017/10/09/why-we-need-to-do-away-with-the-death-penalty/


One comment

  1. Hello. I’m the Executive Director of Death Penalty Focus in Sacramento, California. We are working to abolish the death penalty in CA in the next few years. We’d love to communicate more with you. Will you please include us on your contact list?
    In Solidarity,
    Nancy Haydt
    Executive Director
    Death Penalty Focus
    1555 River Park Drive, #105
    Sacramento, CA 95815
    @DPFocus, @deathpenaltyfocus

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