An Email from Sister Prejean

We treasure this email from the wonderful Sister Helen Prejean who has devoted her life to opposing the death penalty and comforting families and individuals affected by the death penalty:

Dear Justine,

Thanks to you and all those at Australians Against Capital Punishment for your very generous donation of $700 on GiveNOLA Day. All the way from Australia!

The impact of the coronavirus on our work created a $40,000 drop in our income for this financial year alone (until the end of June). Your donation helped us raise almost $30,000, enabling us to continue our work.

I have been on the road for over three decades educating the public across the USA about the death penalty and our terribly flawed criminal justice system. In these very turbulent times, I see so much hope and potential – as long as we all keep up the pressure!

I believe the growing support of white people for the core principles of Black Lives Matter (you should see the encouraging polls!), the people protesting day after day in the streets, and the combined efforts of small groups like ours and large groups like the NAACP and ACLU and so many others, will make this year a milestone in the push for justice for all.

Maybe, too, at last there will be some justice for Aboriginal Australians. So many deaths in custody! So little action. I know this must grieve you as it does me. It was so good to see the Australian protests this past week.

Thank you for all you do.

With love,

Sr. Helen Prejean

Prejean, Sister Helen

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