HUMAN RIGHTS DAY 2021 – Killing in the Name of God: Blasphemy Laws in Pakistan

Join Eleos Justice, DFAT and the Delegation of the European Union to Australia for this webinar to mark Human Rights Day 2021.

About this event

Pakistan is one of 12 countries in which apostasy or blasphemy are punishable by death, and continues to mete out more death sentences for blasphemy than any other country in the world. Despite having never carried out an execution on this basis, this hardline anti-blasphemy stance has engendered widespread violence at the community level, with countless accused blasphemers being killed by civilian vigilantes and mobs. 

This violence is documented in The Accused: Damned or Devoted?, a 2020 film by Mohammed Naqvi. Registrants will be granted online access to the film prior to the event. 

On 8 December, registrants are invited to join this high-level panel discussion on the situation in Pakistan, and the roles of the domestic and international communities in analysing the root causes of such violence and in pointing the way towards a resolution, and religious tolerance.

Join us as we mark Human Rights Day 2021, delivered by the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Delegation of the European Union to Australia, and Eleos Justice

To register for the event, click here.

Read Eleos’ new report: Killing in the Name of God: State-Sanctioned Violations of Religious Freedom.


Opening statement: 

Natasha Smith, First Assistant Secretary, Multilateral Policy Division, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (@DFAT), Australian Government


Peter Jacob, Executive Director, Centre for Social Justice (Pakistan) @PeterJacobCSJ

Mohammed ‘Mo’ Naqvi Filmmaker, director of ‘The Accused: Damned or Devoted?’ (2020) @manaqvi

Fedja Zlobec Deputy Head of the European Union Delegation to Australia @EUinAus


Mai Sato , Director, Eleos Justice; Associate Professor, Monash Law  @drmaisato

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