About Australians Against Capital Punishment

Australians Against Capital Punishment is a community group formed in early 2007 to advocate for a total abolition of the death penalty across the globe, and to call on our government to once again commit itself to opposing the death penalty in all cases, in all countries wholeheartedly.

We try to raise awareness of the issue through public forums, petitions, letterwriting, leafleting as well as through the media. 

We welcome anyone aboard who shares our goals, if you would like to be involved, please send an email to Tina.


  1. Dear Tina,
    I would like to be involved with AACP.
    I am currently based in Sydney, as a Human Rights student at Australian Catholic University.

    Kind regards,
    Adam Breasley

  2. Denise – AACP is not currently linked with Australians Against Death Penalty, but we are trying to make contact with all like-minded groups across the country.

  3. Why is it that “rich” people never get the death penalty? To this day I have never read about, or heard about a “rich” man/woman on death row. I have never heard of a death row prisoner coming from an affluent family. I have never heard of an executed prisoner who was “rich” or who came from an elite family. That means that death penalty exists only for the poor. I am yet to hear of a “rich” prisoner be executed by the government. This fact is real, it is happening, everywhere, around the world where death penalty exists as punishment for various crimes.

  4. Hi Folks,

    I ran into Scott Rush’s parents, and Fr. Frank Brennan SJ, at an Amnesty International Day against the death penalty, while I was back in Brisbane last year. The Catholic Worker has a long history of opposing executions in the U.S. Mary Rider (mothe of four) from our CW community in North Carolina is presently serving a 15 day jail sentence for a prayer/trespass nonviolent action trying to stop the recent execution of Samuel Flippen in her home state.

    In 1991/93, I served a 9 months in a Texas County Jail of a year federal sentence for nonviolent resistance to Gulf War 1. Anne Richards, a liberal feminist was Governor she would execute one person a month. She was no embarrasment to the (liberal)
    Democratic Party as she went on to chair the Democrat Convention that nominated Clinton the first time. That is how mainstream the death penalty is in the U.S.! Jerry Brown was the only candidate for presidential nomination in Republican and Democrat Parties that opposed the death Penalty. Of course, Clinton changed his position to become electable. Obama is not an opponent.

    On release, and before my deportation, I protested at the execution of a Native American man in the north east state of Delaware. The death penalty is the most premeditated act of murder. When Bush became Governor of Texas, he double the execution to one every two weeks.

    There is still a Catholic Worker network in Brisbane primarily focussed on nonviolent anti-war resistance but would be willing to join mobilisations when you make the call.

  5. Hi there my name is Duncan Bottoms my wife is Teresa. my daughters Melinda and Kayla along with us would like to be come involved in anyway we can to help.. We live in country Victoria so a little isolated from the City but more than willing to help in any way possible. On a recent trip to Bali we all visited Scott and friends in Prison and have become friends with Lee, Chris and family and want more people to be aware of the situation not only Australians are in but all prisoners so please lets all get together and put an endto this.
    Duncan Bottoms

  6. It’s going to take various new diverse strategies, besides campaigns, petitions, forums, letterwriting and leafleting, to eventually abolish the barbarisim of the death penalty. Kevin Rudd publicly stated recently, that the Bali bombers deserve the justice (death penalty) that will be delivered to them. The whole world has noted Mr Rudd’s comments including the Indonesian Government. These same comments will no doubt be repeated by the Indonesian Prime Minister when it’s time for the Bali Nine to be executed. Whether by intent or by accident Mr Rudd’s comments have placed a nail on the coffins of the Bali Nine.

  7. Dear Friends from Australia,
    I came across your site by chance and wanted to share two links with you :

    One is about a journal written by my pen pal and friend on Texas death row. Rogelio has an execution date scheduled for November 19. Since he is on Death Watch (section reserved for the men whose execution day is close) he writes his journal. Here is the link :
    His letters express more than any word I could write what it is like to face an execution date.
    The second link is about a petition on line in favour of Rogelio :

    Thank you so much for sharing this information, keeping Rogelio in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you also for signing the petition and sharing its link.

  8. hi everyone
    l have recently been very affected by the execution of an innocent man by the name of gregory edward wright in texas usa. He had passed a polygraph and briefly the actual killer made a full confession exhonerationg greg,despite all the overwhelming evidence that proved this man’s innocence he was executed on Oct 30th 2008, the day before what would have been his 43rd birthday. l am passionate about abolishing the death penalty and although l can’t help fight greg’s innocence anymore l know that there are more “gregs” out there who happen to be poor and due to this don’t receive effective legal representaion than they otherwise would. My daughter was run down by a drunk driver in 2004 on her way home from school …. and l know that my daughter would not ever have wanted to “get even” with him so to speak and although it has been a nightmare if l were to wish ‘death’ on him would be to completely dishonour my daughter’s beautiful and innocent short life. l live in perth and would very much like to assist this cause and support it in whatever capacity l can. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my thoughts on your website l am grateful for all your efforts in reaching ordinary aussies like myself.

  9. Dear Kim and everyone,
    Such a moving testimony your shared with us Kim ! thank you so much, I can imagine the sorrow of the tragic loss of your daughter and admire you for not having revenge in your heart like many when the topic of death penalty is talked about in those particular tragic circumstances.
    Greg’s execution in Texas was really hard to understand and accept after someone else had made a full confession of the crime. But unfortunately many have been executed who claimed their innocence, this being found out after the State had killed them. Together with Greg on Death Watch was my own friend and pen pal, Rogelio Reyes Cannady. On November 17 I was there in that prison to be with him during the last days of his life. Roy had a date for November 19. And something wonderful happened as we were visiting together on Monday 17 : he got a stay !! A five months’ stay to allow his lawyer to check certain facts that could change his sentence and that have been revealed not so long ago. isn’t it a great news ? it was an unforgettable moment to share this news with him and his family. Indescribably good.
    I felt like sharing this great joy with you and others to say that we must never lose Hope and keep working together on the abolition of this archaic and cruel punishment when other options exist.
    Thank you.

  10. Hello all,
    My name is Rhiannah (Ree) Bottoms and i would like to be involved in any way i can be. I am 23 years old and live in Adelaide SA. Anything i can do im up for it, please let me know. Returning to Australia soon from Bali, visiting family friends including our dear Scott (eyes well up). This needs to stop now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Take care all,


  11. Hi

    I am totally commited to Scott and his cause and am hoping to visit him by the end of the year and would like the message to be spread a little more and as a South African would like to be able to spread the word for all foreign prisoners and especially all that are on death row. Nguyen was someone I campaigned so much for and was devastated with his death and am determined not to see another human life wasted. Please let me know if there is anything that I can do from SA for these causes and if maybe you are affiliated with someone on south Africcan soil.


  12. Hi,
    Was at prayer vigil mass last Friday. Just wanting to make sure I get details of the next AACP meeting in Brisbane. I believe Don conducts these. My email has been included. I also wrote it on a piece of paper that day. Hopefully hear when and where soon.

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