Welcome to Australians Against Capital Punishment

 Australians Against Capital Punishment is a community group formed in early 2007 to advocate for a total abolition of the death penalty across the globe, and to call on our government to once again commit itself to opposing the death penalty in all cases, in all countries wholeheartedly.

We try to raise awareness of the issue through public forums, petitions, letterwriting, leafleting as well as through the media. 

We welcome anyone aboard who shares our goals, if you would like to be involved, please send an email to Tina.

 Australians Against Capital Punishment


  1. Thanks Ann, it’s still early days, and we’ve got a lot of content to upload: photos, letters, petitions as well as links that need to be added.

    Hopefully it will be a little more comprehensive in a week or so.

  2. I thought the Inter Faith forum went very well.

    One of my favourite comments was from Jeff Brunne [Just Rights Qld, Zen Buddhist], who said the death penalty is just a political weapon used by governments as an instrument of control. I agree.

    Read the facts, the death penalty does not reduce the crime rate anywhere it is used in the world.

    So what is it used for?

    And shame on the Australian Federal Police for allowing the death penalty to be exported – as they did with the Australian Nine in Bali. We need an overhaul of the AFP’s guidelines and procedures. The AFP are now sending information on underage Australian kids to foreign police, as in the case of Rachel Diaz [16] and her young friend [15].

    We should have a new law — “Conspiracy To Import Narcotics”.

    We have a host of new terror detention laws do we not?
    Laws that enable our security apparatus to ‘temporarily’ incarcerate people
    on the basis of evidence already gathered, before that person has actually done anything.

    Sound familiar to the case of the Australian Nine in Bali?

    Under a “Conspiracy To Import Narcotics” law, AFP would have the right to
    detain a ‘wannabe’ drug mule at an Australian airport. The evidence already gathered would be used here in Australia instead of sent abroad to corrupt police forces.
    These kids are too young to have lawyers, and silly enough to think they are not being monitored. Detain them here, charge them here. We’re doing it anyway…

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