Multifaith Forum on the Death Penalty

6.30pm Wednesday August 22nd

St Mary’s Church, cnr Merivale & Peel St, South Brisbane

Details below. 

 For more information – email Tina.


One comment

  1. I posted some comments about the Multi Faith forum, but in the ‘Welcome to Australians Against Capital Punishment’ blog. My mistake, but I’ll repeat my favourite message from the night. Jeff Brunne [Just Rights Qld, Zen Buddhist], described the death penalty as just a political weapon used by governments as an instrument of control. It’s worth repeating as we know statistically the death penalty does not reduce crime rates. So it’s good for nothing else.

    After the speeches most people didn’t leave, we stood around chatting, introducing ourselves, exchanging ideas, emails. We are spreading, and we are not going anywhere until we get what we want. A good night indeed.

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