Second vigil tonight for those awaiting executions in Indonesia

Preparations continue for the execution of the Bali Bombers in the coming days, and AACP will be holding another vigil outside the Indonesian Consulate in Brisbane to show our opposition to the death penalty in all circumstances.

The acts of horror perpetrated by these men will not be lessened by their deaths, and we believe that capital punishment is never the answer.

Candlelight Vigil


Monday November 3rd


175 Eagle Street,

Brisbane, Qld. 4000

Some images from last night’s vigil –


  1. The death penalty is wrong, not only in Indonesia but around the world also, where more than 20 thousand people are awaiting execution on death row. The Bali bombers committed a henious crime and they should be locked in prison for the rest of their lives without parole. Commendations must go however, to the trio’s lawyers. Obviously they have managed to find and use every loophole within the justice system that is so far preventing the execution of their clients’.

  2. Hello, my name is Madeleine Hutchison. I am twenty-two years old going on twenty-three. The Bali nine don’t deserve to die. Doing drugs is wrong, but they shouldn’t be put to death at all. It wasn’t Scott Rush, Mathew Norman, Renae Lawrence, Martin Stephens and Michael Cuzaj’s fault. When it comes to drugs it is never an addicts fault, the drug dealers are to blame.

    Madeleine Hutchison

    April 20th 2009

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