Analysis Published by the Lancet shows Generally Favourable Trends in the Direction of the use of Capital Punishment

Tahla Burki, writing in the medical magazine, The Lancet, draws on the Amnesty International annual report on executions around the world to draw a generally favourable trend in the numbers of executions occurring around the world.

As always, China, with its large numbers of executions and its close secrecy around the practice, provides the big caveat to such observations. Burki also expressed particular concern about practices in Iran and Egypt.

Among the good news, Chad abolished the death penalty, altogether, in 2020, and Kazakhstan moved towards doing so. 144 countries have now discontinued capital punishment, either in law or in practice. Earlier this year, 2021, Virginia became the 23rd US state to repeal the death penalty. The House of Assembly in Nevada has approved a resolution to abolish the penalty.

Read more of this excellent article at:

Figure thumbnail fx1
Death chamber at California’s San Quentin prison

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